RESCUE Research

Our Southern California research laboratories are at the forefront of ground breaking science on how and why we age. Our team of physicians and scientists have focused our research around how adult stem cells become other cells the body requires to heal itself. That same science has helped us to create industry leading skincare formulations that work for everyone, because they go directly to and support the source of all health, wellness and aging, your cells.

The science of RESCUE

Stem cells are the body's most important regenerative cells and are at the cornerstone of anti-aging research. They address trauma and repair the damage caused by the environment, sun exposure, genetics and aging. The RESCUE formula is an advanced complex of active cell factors produced by adult human stem cells called MDFc19, or, Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19. These factors focus on supporting the lower layers of the skin, naturally contributing to dermal fibroblast and procollagen production, resulting in positive cellular turnover.

MDFc19 is also the subject of leading anti aging research at both Scharp Laboratory, and the Sanford Burnham Institue for Regenerative Medicine.

Whitepaper on MDFc19
Whitepaper on Peptide Enriched Media

MDFc19 Our Active Ingredient
Dr. David Scharp

The man
behind the science

RESCUE Skin’s revolutionary technology is the work of David Scharp, MD. His research continues to pioneer our understanding of how cells work to prolong life. Dr. Scharp is the founder of leading companies including Novocell, Cytotherapeutics, Prodolabs and the Scharp-Lacy Research Institute.

Dr. Scharp has contributed to 15 patents, 200+ publications and continuous NIH and JDRF grants. He has conducted independent work with NASA, McDonnell Douglas and Johnson & Johnson.

  • International Pancreas and Transplant Association
  • Washington School Of Medicine
  • American Pancreatic Association
  • American College Of Surgeons
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Surgical Association
  • Society For In Vitro Biology
  • Society Of University Surgeons
  • American Society Of Transplant Surgeons
  • Association For Academic Surgery


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