RESCUE Skin Care - Intro Press Release
June 27 2016

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Introducing RESCUE Skin: Skincare Revolutionized for the Adventure of Your Life
Scientifically Innovative Product Modernizes Skincare with a Hassle-Free,
Single-Step Solution to Suit Today’s On-the-go Lifestyle

New York, NY, July 2015 – Transforming an industry that has seen little change over the last 100 years, innovative skincare product RESCUE Skin ( will officially launch to the public this month after selling out of a limited-release product run in just six months. Designed to bring cutting-edge stem cell technology to every age, gender and skin type with a single-step mobile delivery system, RESCUE provides immediate rejuvenation no matter where life leads – from days in the sun and nights on the town, to adventures overseas and every flight in between.

The product’s powerful clinical formula brings skincare into the modern age by supporting cellular turnover andthe natural production of both procollagen and dermal fibroblasts (three of the most fundamental aspects of youthful, healthy skin). RESCUE’s secret is an ingredient called MDFc19 (Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19), developed by Dr. David Scharp, a leading medical doctor, researcher and scientist with more than 200 publications and 15 patents to his credit. MDFc19 uses peptides, proteins and cytokines extracted from adult stem cells to address the trauma and damage caused by the environment, sun exposure, genetics and aging.

RESCUE consists of two complementary dual-purpose preventative and regenerative products that provide skin with the specific support it needs to naturally remain youthful, and help to restore what has been lost due to aging.

RESCUE Serum, a foundational product with MDFc19 technology is designed to be used daily as a singular solution for all skin types, leaving skin feeling healthy and enriched with a dewy finish; and RESCUE Moisturizer, an industry-first foundational and stand-alone ultra-hydrating cream that also contains a core active technology (MDFc19), providing both restorative and intensive moisturizing properties. Although users see best (synergistic) results when applying moisturizer after serum, both are designed to use individually.

RESCUE is offered in sealed, 30-day single-use packets for the industry’s most powerful, hygienic, seamless and transportable skincare available, bringing the power of advanced science to everyday life. Where traditional skincare containers invite oxygen and bacteria into the product when becoming unsealed, RESCUE’s seamless approach ensures a completely fresh, perfectly sized dose every time, ideal for today’s busy and demanding lifestyles.

Behind RESCUE’s product is a diverse team that includes world-class researchers, former computer hackers, bloggers, technologists and digi-rati who have combined their wide-ranging talents to support a single passion – delivering the best skincare possible to people who live life to the fullest and demand the best.

Founded on a culture of passion, feedback and inclusion, RESCUE launched its ambassador program, Team RESCUE, to showcase the diverse backgrounds and interests of real RESCUE users – designers, athletes, photographers, travelers and life enthusiasts – who have chosen to represent RESCUE because it has had a profound impact on their skin.

RESCUE ambassadors are also selected because they embrace the company’s values of community and ideals of passionate living, a mindset that touches every part of RESCUE’s approach to business. Beyond the product, RESCUE also supports advancements in medical research with a portion of every sale going to benefit research programs that have the power to change lives.

RESCUE SKIN was first introduced with a limited release in November 2014, rapidly selling out within six months from direct word of mouth. RESCUE Serum and Moisturizer will become available this month online at  Both products are priced at $65 separately or $130 combined.


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